Bowling Like a Pro: Tips on Increasing Your Rev Rate

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Understanding Rev Rate

Bowling is a sport with many components: accuracy, power, timing and technique. One of the most important elements to success in bowling is understanding and developing your rev rate. Rev rate is defined as the speed at which you spin the ball when delivering it down lane. A higher rev rate can help increase pin carry and give bowlers more control over their shots. But how do you increase your rev rate?

Developing Technique

The key to increasing your rev rate lies in developing proper technique while throwing the ball. The main factor that affects a bowler’s rev rate is their release point—the point where they let go of the ball during delivery. It’s important to find an optimal release point so that you can maximize your spin on the ball without sacrificing any power or accuracy in your throw. Working with a coach or experienced bowler can be helpful for finding this sweet spot.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have developed a consistent technique, practice will become invaluable for improving your overall performance and increasing your rev rate specifically. Dedicate time to perfecting different types of throws such as hook shots, roll outs, and straight-line deliveries; all of which require different levels of spin on the ball at various points along its trajectory down lane and across pinsetters.. This type of repetition allows bowlers to hone their skills for greater precision when needed—a must if one wants to take their game up a notch!


Increasing one’s rev rate takes patience and consistency but it’s achievable with proper coaching and practice! Finding an optimal release point plays an essential role in developing control over spins applied during delivery while honing these techniques through repetition helps improve overall performance leading to increased pin carry rates as well as improved scores overall