7 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of That Annoying Basketball Hoop

basketball shoot on the basket

in your backyard


When you’ve outgrown the need for a basketball hoop in your backyard, getting rid of it can be difficult. It’s bulky and heavy, not to mention time-consuming and potentially expensive. But with the right plan of action, you can get rid of that basketball hoop in no time! From donating it to recycling it, here are some tips on how to get rid of a basketball hoop from your backyard safely and efficiently.

Disassemble The Hoop

The first step is to disassemble the hoop into its component parts – the backboard, rim, netting and post – if applicable. This will make disposing of each part much easier since they won’t all need to be taken away together as one large unit. Make sure that you have all the tools necessary before beginning this task so that everything goes smoothly. Also consider taking photos along the way as an extra reminder when reassembling it later should you choose to do so.

Donate or Recycle Your Basketball Hoop Parts

Once disassembled into its individual components, there are several ways in which these pieces can be recycled or donated depending on their condition: The metal parts (rims & posts) can typically be recycled at a scrap yard; glass backboards may also qualify for recycling depending on where you live; plastic nets may be able to go into curbside recycling or could even make good bird feeders; finally if any part is still usable then there are plenty opportunities for donation such as charities & community sports programs who would love a free gift like this!

Hire Professional Removal Services

If none of these options appeal to you then another option would be hiring professional removal services who specialize in dealing with bulky items such as basketball hoops from residential properties. They’ll come equipped with all necessary tools & supplies required for safe transportation/disposal plus they’ll save you valuable time by doing all hard work themselves leaving behind nothing but clean space where once stood your beloved outdoor court!