How To Get Better With Your Left Hand In Basketball: A Comprehensive Guide

Wilson basketball on rack


Are you looking to become more proficient with your left hand in basketball? Being able to use both hands confidently can be a game-changer when you’re out on the court. But it takes some practice and dedication to get there. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can work on your left hand dexterity so that it becomes second nature during your basketball games.

Developing Your Left Hand Strength

The first step is to build up the strength of your left hand muscles for dribbling and shooting. To do this, try using a specialized ball weights or ankle weights while practicing dribbling drills with either one hand or both hands at once. This will help build up muscle memory for using your weaker side when playing. You should also focus on developing control over shorter distances before attempting longer throws with your off-hand; start by getting comfortable just moving the ball back and forth between each hand without any other movements involved, then gradually increase distance as you feel more confident doing so.

Practicing With Drills

Once you have developed some basic strength in your off-hand, start incorporating drills into your training routine that are specifically designed to develop better coordination and accuracy when shooting from different angles or making quick passes with one hand or the other. It might take some time for these skills to become muscle memory but if you put in enough reps then eventually they will stick! Some good drills include ‘around the world’ (passing around an imaginary circle), crossover layups (going from one side of the hoop/court to another), as well as simple two-ball passing exercises where each player has their own ball and exchanges them quickly while keeping control of their own ball at all times – this is particularly helpful for developing agility and footwork too!


Becoming proficient with both hands is invaluable skill set whether it be basketball or another sport – having complete control over what direction & speed the ball goes allows players greater flexibility during gameplay which ultimately leads them towards success! It may take some time & effort but if done correctly through consistent practice & repetition then soon enough working with both sides will come naturally like clockwork!