How to Fall in Soccer: Safely Landing the Right Way Every Time

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Falling while playing soccer is something that can happen to anyone, from experienced players to those just starting out. It’s an important skill to know how to fall properly in order to protect yourself from serious injury. Learning how to fall correctly can help reduce the risk of sprains, strains, and more severe injuries like broken bones or head trauma. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult, with a few simple steps that will help you stay safe on the pitch.

The Basics

When falling during a soccer game, there are three basic things you should remember: keep your body relaxed, roll onto your side and tuck in your arms and legs if possible. Keeping your body relaxed may seem counterintuitive, but it helps reduce the impact when hitting the ground, as tension could cause additional damage. Rolling into a ball also helps cushion any blows, as well as minimize potential scrapes or bruises by distributing them over a larger part of your body rather than one area taking all of the hit. Lastly, tucking in limbs helps prevent any further strain or damage caused by them flailing around uncontrollably due to momentum built up before coming into contact with the ground after being tackled or tripped up.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before playing competitively on the field, it’s always best practice for players of all levels to perform drills off-field first until they become second nature; this applies especially for learning how to correctly fall down when necessary during matches. Taking some time away from regular training sessions allows athletes to focus on form without having any pressure associated with performing under match conditions where mistakes could be costly at times; which makes mastering these fundamentals even more important before stepping onto an actual pitch environment.


Being able to properly control one’s own movements both on their feet and when going down is essential for every soccer player regardless of their skill level; so don’t be afraid to practice falling safely off-field until you feel comfortable doing so come match day! With proper technique in place, such as keeping everything relaxed along with rolling onto one side while tucking limbs close towards core, athletes will find themselves better prepared against potential impacts they may experience while competing among other teams – thus reducing chances of accidents resulting in long-term physical damages occurring further down line.