How To Conceal Carry In Basketball Shorts: A Step-By-Step Guide

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As the summer months roll in, it may be tempting to take up a new hobby like carrying your concealed weapon in basketball shorts. After all, with the warm weather comes lightweight clothing and more opportunities to express your style. But before you start packing heat on the court, it’s important to understand how to conceal carry safely and legally while still looking cool. Here we’ll discuss a few tips for concealing your firearm while wearing basketball shorts.

Where to Conceal Your Weapon

When carrying a concealed weapon in basketball shorts, the best place to conceal it is either inside or outside of one of the pockets. Depending on where you live and what type of gun you are carrying, both options can be viable solutions if done properly. Inside-the-pocket carry usually provides better protection from moisture than an outside pocket holster does but can also cause discomfort due to its bulkiness when sitting down or bending over for long periods of time. An outside pocket holster allows for easy access but needs additional attention paid when selecting one that fits properly so that it doesn’t look bulky or draw attention from others who might see it peeking out from beneath your clothing.

Choosing Materials & Clothing Options

The material choice is essential when selecting clothes for concealed carry purposes since some materials are not conducive to proper retention of firearms and could even damage them over time. Cotton is usually preferred as this material helps wick away any sweat that would otherwise make holsters uncomfortable against bare skin – something especially pertinent during summer months spent engaging in physical activities such as playing basketball! As far as clothing goes, loose fitting garments such as baggy t-shirts should be avoided since they tend to bunch up around holsters which reduces their effectiveness at hiding weapons from view – instead opt for tighter fitting clothes like tank tops or even compression shirts/shorts which offer similar breathability yet hug closer against body contours making them much less obvious than baggier alternatives under most circumstances!


Carrying a firearm safely and securely should always come first when considering doing so while wearing basketball shorts; however with careful planning, there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t feel comfortable enough taking their handgun out onto the court this summer season! It’s important though that those wishing too do so pick proper materials and clothing styles that won’t give away their secret (or worse snag up on any part of their rig) regardless if they’re going inside-the-pocket or outside-of-it route! With these tips in mind anyone should have no problem protecting themselves without sacrificing fashion sense along the way – enjoy shooting hoops AND staying safe this Summer 2021 folks!