Bowling Shoes Cleaning 101: How to Clean the Slide Strip and Keep Your Shoes Last Longer

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If you’re a regular bowler, you know that the soles of your bowling shoes are essential to achieving the proper slide necessary for success. But over time, dirt and debris can build up on your shoe soles, reducing their performance and making it difficult to achieve an effective slide. To keep your bowling shoes in good working order and maintain their sliding abilities, it’s important to clean them using a slide strip regularly.

How to Clean Bowling Shoes Using Slide Strips

The first step is to remove the shoe laces from both of your bowling shoes. Then use a damp cloth or paper towel with warm water (not hot) to wipe away any visible dirt or grime from the outside of each shoe. Once this is done, find some strips of leather or plastic that are specifically designed for cleaning bowling shoes – these will be labeled as “slide strips” in most stores that sell bowling supplies.

Now take one strip at a time and gently rub them against the sole of each shoe in small circles until all signs of dirt have been removed. Be sure not to press too hard on the sole during this process as it could damage its surface texture over time. It’s also important to rotate between different sections while doing this so you don’t apply excessive pressure on any one area.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing both soles thoroughly with two separate strips, give them another quick wipe down with some warm water before allowing them ample time to dry completely before putting them back into action!


Cleaning your bowling shoes regularly with slide strips is an excellent way to ensure they stay in top shape so you can continue enjoying great games without having poor slides compromise your performance! With just a few simple steps outlined above, you should be able enjoy improved results every single time out!