How To Carry Golf Clubs On A Bicycle: An Essential Guide

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Golfing is a great way to get fresh air and stay active, but lugging around all your golf clubs can be quite cumbersome. Bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly form of transport and with the right set-up you can even use them to carry your golf clubs! In this blog post, we’ll explore how to safely attach your golf bag onto your bicycle so you can hit the links without having to worry about carrying it around.

Choosing The Right Bicycle

The first step in making sure that your golf club transportation goes smoothly is choosing the right kind of bicycle for the job. Depending on what type of bike you have will determine which accessories are necessary for attaching a golf bag. Generally speaking, most types of mountain bikes will be able to accommodate a standard sized set of 14 clubs without any problem, while road bikes may require additional attachments or modifications in order to fit everything properly.

Attaching The Golf Bag To Your Bike

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate bike for transporting your equipment, the next step is actually attaching everything together so it doesn’t move around while riding. Depending on whether or not you have pannier racks already installed on your bike frame (or if they’re compatible with yours), there are several different methods for securely mounting either a normal suitcase-style bag or one specifically designed for cycling with compartments that easily clip onto any rack system. If neither option works out then bungee cords also work well – just make sure they don’t come loose during travel!


Carrying around a full set of golf clubs doesn’t have to be difficult when using bicycles as transportation – all it takes is some careful planning and preparation beforehand! With proper installation and maintenance, cyclists should have no trouble getting their gear from point A to point B without issue – allowing them more time focusing on their game rather than worrying about how they’re going get there!