How To Break In A Lacrosse Head: Step-By-Step Guide For Maximum Performance

woman lacrosse player running on field at daytime

Getting Started with Breaking In a Lacrosse Head

If you’ve recently purchased a lacrosse head, you’re probably wondering how to break it in. You may be worried that the process will damage your new purchase, but don’t fret! With the right supplies and steps, breaking in your lacrosse head is easy and can help improve its performance on the field.

To begin breaking in your lacrosse head, start by gathering some basic supplies: rubbing alcohol or dish soap (for cleaning purposes), stringing wax (to prevent fraying), and a ball (for shooting practice). Once you have all of these items ready to go, it’s time to start breaking in the head.

Instructions for Breaking In Your Lacrosse Head

The first step is to clean out your lacrosse head using either rubbing alcohol or dish soap. This helps remove any dirt from inside the pocket area as well as any residue from manufacturing processes. Make sure that you let it dry completely before moving onto Step Two.

Step Two involves applying stringing wax around every hole of your newly cleaned pocket area. This prevents strings from fraying over time which would eventually affect playability and accuracy when shooting or passing with the ball. Take care not to apply too much wax; just enough so that each hole has some protection against wear-and-tear over long periods of use.

After adding stringing wax, move onto Step Three – shaping up the pocket area . Use a curved stick or tool designed specifically for this purpose such as an end cap puller to shape up areas like sidewalls where laces are tied together tightly near the throat region of the stick . Doing this allows for better control when cradling and throwing passes since more tension will be present within those regions allowing for greater accuracy when playing defense or offense during games .

Lastly , take out your ball , put on some gloves , grab hold of your newly shaped pocket area , then proceed with practicing shots at various angles while focusing on consistency in form . This will help reinforce proper technique while also helping stretch out leathers making them easier to catch due to their softer texture after being broken -in properly . Doing this regularly helps keep pockets intact despite intense pressure during gameplay situations allowing players more control over their sticks resulting in higher levels of success overall !


Breaking into a lacrossse head doesn’t have to be complicated ; just make sure you follow these simple steps outlined above for best results ! With regular practice sessions coupled with proper maintenance techniques , players should find themselves experiencing improved levels of success both offensively & defensively during gameplay sessions !