How To Be A Line Judge in Volleyball: The Ultimate Guide

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Volleyball is an amazing sport that requires the skill, athleticism and teamwork of two teams to be able to compete against one another. It’s a thrilling game with fast-paced action and strategy, but there’s more to it than just what happens on the court. Line judging is a crucial part of any volleyball match, as they ensure that all calls made by the referees are correct and fair. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can become a line judge for volleyball matches!

What Does A Line Judge Do?

A line judge oversees the lines on either side of the net in order to make sure that players do not cross them during gameplay. They watch for when balls come close or over these lines in order to properly call out infractions such as foot faults or double touches on shots. The line judge has final say in any disputes about whether or not a ball was “in” or “out” before it touched another player’s body part. This is why it’s important for them to have quick reflexes while watching both sides of the net at once!

Qualifications To Become A Line Judge

To become a line judge, you must be familiar with all rules and regulations governing volleyball matches according to your local league/organization. Most leagues require some kind of certification course before becoming an official line judge so make sure you check if yours does too! Additionally, having experience playing/coaching volleyball can help tremendously since you will already understand more intricate aspects like angles and trajectory which may come into play during competitive games. Lastly, don’t forget physical fitness – being able to react quickly comes along with staying alert throughout entire matches which means plenty of stamina is required from those who want pursue this career path!


Line judging isn’t easy but it’s certainly rewarding work for anyone looking for something exciting yet challenging outside their regular routine! If you’re up for learning new rules while keeping an eye out on every detail happening around you then this could be perfect job opportunity waiting your name written all over it – just remember that qualifications vary depending on local leagues so make sure research thoroughly beforehand if this interests you at all!