How Tall Is A Lacrosse Goal?

lacrosse sticks on green field

How Tall is a Lacrosse Goal?

Lacrosse is one of the most popular sports in North America, and with its growing popularity comes questions about one of its most basic elements – the goal. How tall is a lacrosse goal? Understanding this important piece of equipment can help players and coaches to appreciate why it’s so critical for a successful game.

The Standard Height for a Lacrosse Goal

Generally speaking, the official standard height for an outdoor lacrosse goal is 6 feet by 6 feet (6′ x 6′). This includes both men’s and women’s lacrosse games, but there are variations on this rule depending on what level or type of play you’re participating in. The NCAA dictates that college-level men’s goals must be at least six feet high, while youth levels may range from four to five feet high. Women’s collegiate goals must also be at least six feet high, while youth levels vary between 4-5 ½feet high.

Why Does The Height Of A Lacrosse Goal Matter?

The size and shape of the goal has an impact on how effective defensive strategies can be implemented during a game. Passing lanes will open up if the goalie isn’t able to cover as much ground due to having too small of netting, which allows attackers more opportunities to score points quickly as they’ll have less pressure from defenders covering them when shooting close shots into smaller nets. Additionally, taller goals provide challenges for shooters looking to hit top corner targets, which generally require higher skill levels than other lower targets do. Being aware of these details helps teams understand how their gameplay should adjust depending upon the opponent team’s strengths and weaknesses in order to increase their chances for success during matches.


In conclusion, though some variation exists based upon age groups or different types/levels of play being used within lacrosse games themselves; typically speaking, a proper lacrosse goal stands at six feet by six foot wide across all traditional playing surfaces such as outdoor fields or indoor courts alike making it important for teams competing against each other having knowledge about these official standards ahead time before each match begins so they can plan accordingly based upon their opponent’s capabilities & limitations going into each specific game situation itself!