How Soon Can I Play Golf After Prostate Surgery? An Expert Guide

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Understanding Prostate Surgery and the Recovery Process

Prostate surgery can be a difficult procedure to go through, but it is necessary for many individuals in order to improve their overall health. After prostate surgery, there can be some confusion about what activities are safe to do and when they will start feeling better. One activity that often comes up is golfing – how soon after prostate surgery can someone return to this sport?

The Recovery Timeline

Before considering any sports or physical activities, it’s important for those who have undergone prostate surgery to understand their recovery timeline. Generally speaking, the healing process takes 4-6 weeks following the operation. During this time period, patients should expect swelling around the operated area and pain during urination as well as other bodily changes such as fatigue and urinary incontinence. It’s also recommended that people avoid strenuous physical activity of any kind during this time so that their body has enough rest in order for them to heal properly.

Returning To Golf After Prostate Surgery

Once a patient has gone through an initial 4-6 week recovery period following prostate surgery, they may begin light exercise such as walking or biking if it feels comfortable for them. When returning back into golf specifically however, it’s best to wait until all discomfort from the procedure has subsided before playing again – usually between 6-8 weeks post-surgery depending on how quickly each individual heals and how vigorous they plan on swinging while playing golf..

When returning back into golf after prostate surgery there are also certain precautions which should be taken: wearing compression shorts or underwear designed with extra support; using a cart instead of carrying clubs; avoiding long drives with lots of twisting; taking regular breaks throughout your game; gradually increasing intensity over time rather than pushing yourself too hard all at once; drinking plenty of water before, during and after play; consulting with your doctor regarding specific tips based on your individual case etc..


While returning back into golf following a prostatectomy can be intimidating at first due its lengthy recovery process and potential risks associated with physical activity afterwards – understanding one’s unique medical situation along with proper precautions taken will help ensure that you can enjoy playing again safely without compromising your wellbeing!