How Soon Can I Play Golf After Cataract Surgery? Get The Facts Here!

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Golfing After Cataract Surgery: What You Need To Know

The question of when it’s safe to play golf again following cataract surgery is one that many people have. The good news is that patients can usually go back to playing golf relatively quickly after the procedure. But, there are some important things to keep in mind before teeing off again.

When Can I Start Golfing Again?

Your eye doctor will be able to give you specific advice regarding when you can start playing golf again, but typically you should wait around a month before returning to the green. This gives your eyes plenty of time heal and adjust properly so that they don’t become strained by too much activity too soon.

It’s also important for recovering patients not only to follow their doctor’s instructions carefully, but also pay attention to how their eyes feel during this recovery period as well. If your vision doesn’t improve or if your eyes feel overly sensitive or strained then it may be best not yet try any strenuous activities like golf until these symptoms subside and the healing process has fully taken place in both eyes.

Are There Any Precautions To Take While Playing Golf Post-Surgery?

Yes – even once you’ve been given clearance from your eye doctor and are comfortable with getting back out onto the links, there are still some precautions you’ll want to take while swinging away on the course:

• Wear sunglasses at all times – because cataracts tend reduce UV protection in our eyes, wearing sunglasses while playing helps protect them from further sun damage;

• Make sure you’re using proper protective eyewear on the course – using safety glasses designed specifically for sports such as those sold at sporting goods stores is a must;

• Avoid rubbing or touching your new lenses — this could potentially irritate them and cause discomfort;

• Monitor any changes in vision closely — notify your optometrist promptly if anything seems amiss with either eye post-surgery;

• Drink plenty of water — staying hydrated helps minimize dryness associated with artificial lens wear;

• Be ready for certain restrictions—there may be certain activities prohibited within 6 months post-surgery due an increased risk of infection such as swimming (in lakes/rivers), hot tubs & saunas etc.;

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that despite having had cataract surgery recently, players can still enjoy a successful round on their favorite course!


Cataract surgery does not mean giving up beloved hobbies like golf entirely – so long as patients adhere closely to their doctor’s recommendations and observe precautionary steps while out on the green they should continue enjoying rounds just like before!