The Perfect Frequency for Sanding Your Bowling Ball: How Often Should You Do It?

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The Benefits of Sanding Your Bowling Ball

Bowling is a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While it’s possible to rent bowling balls from most lanes, if you want to take your game up a notch, you should consider purchasing your own ball. One important part of owning your own ball is making sure it’s properly maintained. That includes regularly sanding the surface to get the best performance.

So how often should you sand your bowling ball? The answer depends on several factors including the type of lane oil used and the bowler’s style. Generally speaking, amateur bowlers should aim for once every three or four weeks while professional bowlers may need to do it more frequently – perhaps weekly or even multiple times per week.

Preparing Your Bowling Ball for Sanding

Before you start sanding, ensure your ball is completely clean and dry; any dirt or moisture left on the surface will affect its performance when sanded. You also want to ensure that there are no visible cracks in the coverstock before proceeding with this process; otherwise, they could worsen during sanding and cause premature deterioration of your bowling ball over time.

Once everything has been checked off, you’re ready to begin! Start by laying down some newspaper or an old towel onto a flat surface like a table top so as not to scratch up any furniture in case something slips during this process (it happens!). Then grab yourself an appropriate grit paper – usually 400-grit is recommended – and begin lightly but evenly running circular motions across one side at a time until each area has been covered adequately yet tactfully enough so as not to cause unnecessary damage from too much pressure being applied where it shouldn’t be done in such mannerism..


Sanding is an important step in maintaining your bowling ball if you hope to have optimal performance each time you hit the lanes! As stated above, amateur bowlers should aim for once every three or four weeks while professional bowlers may need more frequent attention depending on their skill level and playing environment conditions such as lane oil type & usage rate among other factors taken into account prior & throughout each session set forth one after another accordingly as desired given many circumstances that come along with great responsibility held upon those who opt-in competing under such terms respectively…