How Often Do They Change Balls In Tennis? Here’s Your Comprehensive Answer

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How Often Do Balls Get Changed in Tennis?

Tennis is an exciting and fast-paced sport that requires its players to be agile and strategic. But what happens if the ball loses its bounce or becomes worn down during a match? How often are balls changed in tennis?

Each set of new balls used for a match has been out of the can for no more than two hours before it’s put into play, so their freshness will be retained throughout. On top of this, professional tournaments use only premium quality balls that have already been tested to make sure they meet international standards. This means they maintain their shape and air pressure much better than standard grade balls.

Changing The Ball During A Match

At every tournament, there are designated ball persons who help change out old balls for new ones as needed. Generally speaking, players switch to a new set after each nine games (known as an “old nine”). In Grand Slam tournaments or other high profile competitions where matches tend to last longer due to best-of-five sets being played instead of three sets, officials may opt to change the entire set after six games instead (known as a “new six”). Most professional tournaments also require that all four courts use the same brand of ball; however there’s some leeway when it comes to choosing which brand depending on conditions like wind speed or temperature at the time of play.

To Sum Up

We’ve seen how often tennis balls get changed during matches: generally every 9 games but sometimes even sooner depending on conditions and type of competition being played. It’s important that rules regarding ball changes remain consistent across all levels of play so everyone knows exactly what is expected from them when playing competitively – whether amateur or professional alike!