How Much Should A Soccer Player Weigh? All You Need To Know

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Weight, Diet and Performance for Soccer Players

Having the right weight, diet and performance plan is essential for any soccer player looking to take their game to the next level. While it’s important for all athletes to be aware of how much they should weigh in order to perform at their best, this becomes even more critical when that athlete is a soccer player. Soccer players need to have enough muscle mass as well as speed and agility in order to succeed on the pitch.

How Much Should a Soccer Player Weigh?

The ideal weight of a soccer player depends on a variety of factors such as gender, age, height and build type. Generally speaking though most male players will fall within the range of 68-79kg (150-175lbs) while female players may weigh between 57-68kg (125-150lbs). However this can vary depending on several factors including position played and body type/composition – so it’s important for each individual player to determine what works best for them personally rather than just following an ‘average’ guideline.

Diet & Nutrition For Optimal Performance

In addition to having an appropriate weight range, nutrition plays an extremely important role in ensuring optimal performance levels both during games and training sessions. Eating nutrient dense foods that are high in carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help fuel your muscles with energy while providing your body with sufficient vitamins & minerals needed for recovery post exercise or match play. Additionally adequate hydration is also essential – drinking plenty of water before during and after activities helps keep you cool & maintain sufficient oxygen levels throughout physical activity which prevents fatigue over long periods of time among other benefits associated with being adequately hydrated such as increased mental clarity & better digestion too!


The proper amount a soccer player weighs alongside their diet plan is incredibly important when aiming towards peak performance levels in sport – especially when playing football where having enough muscle mass plus speed & agility are critical components necessary for success on the pitch! That being said however each individual should consider their own unique parameters such as gender, age height plus physique etcetera when determining what works best specifically them since there isn’t one ‘one size fits all’ approach here either!