The Value of a Try: How Much Is A Rugby Try Worth?

Group of Men Playing Rugby

What is a Try?

Rugby is an exciting sport that has been around for centuries. It is known for its physicality and intense competition, but it also has its own distinct scoring system. The most valuable form of points in rugby are called ‘tries’, which are worth five points each. A try occurs when a player touches the ball to the ground on or behind their opponents’ goal-line.

How Much Is A Try Worth?

A try in rugby can be incredibly hard to come by as it requires a lot of skill and dedication from a team as well as individual players. This makes it quite special and therefore very valuable in terms of points scored in any given match. As mentioned above, tries are worth five points each, and because of this teams often go all out to score them at every opportunity they get during matches.

The Importance Of Tries In Rugby

Tries are incredibly important when playing rugby since they are usually what decides who wins or loses games; one single try can make all the difference between winning or losing if there is only one point separating two teams at full time! Therefore, teams need to strive to score more tries than their opponent throughout the game so that they have more chances of coming out victorious once the clock runs down at full time!

In addition, some teams may opt not to kick for goals after scoring tries due to their importance; instead, they will choose to go back upfield with possession again in order to attempt another try instead – adding further value onto them within games!


Overall, tries hold great value within rugby due not only just being worth five points but also having huge implications on deciding who wins/loses matches depending on how many times both sides manage to cross over each other’s goal lines throughout play! Teams should therefore always strive for excellence regarding all aspects concerning this particular form of scoring if they want success going forward – especially considering how difficult these five-point scores can be sometimes!