The Inside Scoop: How Much Do Pit Crews Make In NASCAR?

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The Role of the Pit Crew in NASCAR

NASCAR racing is an adrenaline-filled sport that has captivated audiences around the world for decades. But what happens behind the scenes when cars are on the track? A lot of it comes down to a team of pit crew members who help drivers win races. So, how much do they make?

An Overview Of The Pit Crew

In NASCAR, a pit crew consists of seven people: six over-the-wall members and one jackman. Each member has their own specific role, such as tire changers or fuel guys. During pit stops, they work together to get drivers back out on the track quickly and safely. Their ability to change tires quickly and accurately can be the difference between winning or losing a race.

Compensation For The Pit Crew

Pit crew salaries vary depending on experience and performance but typically range from $30,000 – $90,000 per year with additional bonuses for wins or top finishes in events. According to Motorsport Network’s Total Sport Magazine (2020), some high-performing teams may pay up to $100,000 annually while other lower budget teams might only offer around $40,000 -$50,000 per season. Furthermore, there’s also potential extra money available through sponsorships deals that could bump up earnings by another few thousand dollars each year.


The pit crews in NASCAR play an important role in helping drivers succeed on the track and should be compensated fairly for their hard work and dedication regardless if they’re working for higher budget teams or smaller ones. Although salaries can differ based on experience level and performance numbers overall compensation is still quite decent ranging from mid-$30k’s upwards towards almost six figures annually plus any extra money earned via sponsorship deals which makes this job very attractive indeed!