How Much Do F1 Pit Crews Make? An Inside Look at the Lucrative World of Formula 1

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What Do F1 Pit Crews Earn?

Formula One pit crews are the unsung heroes of the F1 world. Without them, the cars wouldn’t get around the track as quickly and safely as they do. But what do these vital team members earn for their hard work and dedication to one of motorsport’s most demanding disciplines? Let’s take a look at how much money F1 pit crews can make each year.

Salary Overview

The exact salary of an F1 pit crew member is difficult to pin down due to different factors such as location, experience, and team sponsorships. However, on average, it’s estimated that a Formula 1 mechanic earns between $145-$160k per year, with some more experienced mechanics earning in excess of this amount. This makes them amongst some of the best-paid professionals in motorsport today and highlights just how important their role is within any given team’s setup.

Pit Stop Performance Bonus

In addition to their base salary, many teams now offer additional performance bonuses based on successful pit stops during races or practice sessions. These bonuses can range from $5,000 – $10,000 depending on how quickly and efficiently they were able to complete a stop under pressure from other teams competing around them. It’s not uncommon for individual mechanics or whole crews to be rewarded with extra cash if they manage to pull off an especially impressive stop over another rival squad during a race weekend!


F1 pit crews play an invaluable part in ensuring races go ahead without incident or disruption and are often overlooked when discussing salaries within motorsport or even just general sports careers overall! With salaries ranging from $145-$160k per year plus additional performance bonuses available – it’s clear that being part of an F1 crew can be both rewarding financially but also thrilling professionally too!