How Much Do Boxing Referees Make? The Surprising Answer Revealed

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What Are Boxing Referees Paid?

When it comes to fighting sports, boxing is one of the most popular and well-known. As such, there are a lot of opportunities for referees to be involved in this sport. But how much do boxing referees get paid? It’s an important question that many people have when considering entering into the sport as a referee.

The answer depends on a few factors – including the level at which you work and who you’re working for. Generally speaking, professional boxing referees can make anywhere from $25 per round up to $500 per fight, depending on the weight class and the importance of the bout. On top of this, they may also receive additional payments such as travel expenses or Fight Night bonuses if they are associated with a promotion like UFC or Bellator MMA.

Do Boxing Referees Receive Benefits?

In addition to their wages, professional boxing referees typically receive benefits such as medical coverage or life insurance policies through their employer (usually a sanctioning organization). This allows them some financial security should something happen during an event that requires medical attention or, worse yet, results in death due to an injury sustained in competition. Additionally, some promotions offer other perks such as free meals and lodging, so that referees can focus solely on officiating bouts without worry about paying for food and accommodation out of pocket.


Being a professional boxing referee can be incredibly lucrative if you put yourself out there enough times! With pay ranging from $25-$500 per fight plus potential bonuses, it is possible to make good money. You also get the added benefit of knowing your job helps keep fighters safe while providing entertainment value for fans all around the world!