The Cost Of College Football Goal Posts: Everything You Need To Know

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The Cost of College Football Goal Posts

Football has become one of the most popular sports in America, and college football is no exception. Every Saturday during the fall season, fans flock to stadiums across the country for intense competition on the gridiron. Of course, one of the most iconic fixtures of any football field are its goal posts – those tall metal structures that mark each end zone and allow teams to score six points with a successful field goal or extra point attempt. But just how much do these pieces of equipment cost?

In this blog post we’ll explore what determines how much college football goal posts can cost, as well as some potential prices you might expect when shopping around for your own set. We’ll also discuss a few other factors that could influence your decision when it comes time to buy new stadium equipment.

What Factors Influence Price?

When it comes to purchasing goal posts for a college football team, there are several factors that will affect how much they cost. The first factor is size: larger models will naturally be more expensive than smaller ones because they require more material and labor in order to build them correctly and safely meet industry standards for use in an NCAA game setting. Additionally, if you plan on painting or decorating your goal posts with logos or colors from your school or conference affiliation then you should expect additional costs associated with these customization options as well.

Another important factor is brand name recognition; buying from a reputable manufacturer such as Bison Goals Plus offers higher quality products at higher price points but may be worth it depending on the longevity you need out of your purchase – remember that investing in high quality materials now could mean less money spent down the road! Finally, if you’re looking into installation services then there will likely be additional costs associated here too – so make sure to ask about pricing before committing since different providers have their own rates and packages available depending on location and scope of work needed (this includes removing old goals).

Potential Prices

Depending on all these various factors mentioned above, prices for college football goal posts can range anywhere from $4K-$20K+. If you’re looking into basic sets without any customizations or installation services included then expect prices closer towards $5k-7k range whereas adding customization options like team logos/colors along with professional installation services could put costs up near $15-20K+. Keep in mind these numbers are estimates only though – ultimately exact quotes should always come after discussing details directly with manufacturers/installers themselves!


Ultimately choosing new college football goals depends heavily upon budget constraints as well as personal preference – so take some time research all available options before making any decisions! With proper care & maintenance even cheaper models should last quite awhile while still giving players plenty opportunities practice their kicking skills during games & practices alike!