How Many Quarters Are In A College Football Game? The Answer Might Surprise You!

a football sitting on top of a lush green field


What’s a Quarter in Football?

When it comes to football, the term “quarter” may seem like an odd phrase. But for those who have ever watched or played a game of college football, this term is one that is well-known and understood. A quarter in college football refers to one of four 15-minute periods during which the teams play against each other. In total, there are four quarters during any given college football game – lasting a full hour – making up the entirety of regulation time.

How Long Are College Football Quarters?

Each quarter in college football typically lasts fifteen minutes long, though due to different factors such as weather conditions or injuries on the field, this length can sometimes be extended by five or ten additional minutes if necessary. The referees will signal when there are two minutes left in each quarter so that both teams can prepare themselves for either offense or defense and get ready for what might come next.

Do College Football Quarters Have Breaks?

In between quarters, players take short breaks from playing before resuming again with fresh vigor and intensity once their break has ended. During these breaks there is usually an intermission where coaches evaluate the team’s performance thus far and strategize about how they should adjust their approach moving forward into new quarters; additionally announcers often provide commentary on various topics related to the game at hand as well as reviews of past plays which have occurred throughout its duration so far.


College football games consist of four 15 minute quarters separated by brief intermissions where teams regroup and discuss strategy amongst themselves while commentators review prior events that have transpired within its duration thus far; altogether adding up to a full hour’s worth of gameplay by conclusion! This structure provides fans with plenty of excitement but also allows athletes ample opportunity to rest between periods ensuring everyone gets maximum enjoyment out of every single match they witness!