How Many Hoops are Used in a Game of Croquet?

Croquet is a fun and competitive game that has been played for centuries. Originating in France, it quickly gained popularity worldwide due to its strategic nature and enjoyable gameplay. One common question that many beginners ask is how many hoops are used in a game of croquet. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of hoop usage in croquet and shed light on this interesting aspect.

The Basics of Croquet

Before understanding the number of hoops used, let’s quickly go over the basics of croquet. The game involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with mallets through a series of hoops embedded into the ground. Players take turns aiming to pass their ball through each hoop while strategically positioning themselves for future shots and potentially knocking their opponents’ balls out of play.

Hoop Configuration & Placement

Standard Set-Up

In traditional association croquet, which is widely followed around the world, a standard set-up includes six hoops positioned on either end of the rectangular playing field called a court. The layout forms two diamond-shaped patterns known as “the east-west” and “the north-south” courts with three hoops each.

Court Dimensions

The size can vary slightly depending on regional preferences; however, an average court measures approximately 35 yards long by 28 yards wide (32 meters by 26 meters). This standardized dimension ensures fair gameplay across different locations.

Number of Hoops in Different Formats

Golf Croquet

Golf croquet is another popular variant where teams or individuals compete against each other. Unlike association croquet’s fixed number of six hoops per court, golf croquet typically uses only four hoops. These hoops are strategically placed to create interesting challenges and maintain an exciting pace throughout the game.

American Croquet

In American croquet, a variation widely played in the United States, the number of hoops can differ depending on the specific rules followed by players or clubs. Some variations may use as few as four hoops, while others might incorporate up to nine. It’s important to clarify these details before participating in an American croquet match.


In summary, a standard game of association croquet consists of six hoops – three for each court – that players must skillfully navigate their ball through. However, different formats like golf croquet or American croquet may deviate from this standard configuration with fewer or more hoops respectively. Regardless of the format you choose to play, mastering your hoop skills is crucial for success on the croquet field. So grab a mallet and enjoy this classic sport with friends and family!