How Many Golf Balls Should You Bring For A Round Of 18 Holes?

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Golf Balls: The Essential Element of a Perfect Round

Are you hitting the golf course for 18 holes and wondering how many golf balls you should bring? A good number of players don’t think twice about this, but it can actually make or break your enjoyment and score. With the right amount of golf balls on hand, you’ll be able to stay focused on playing your best round instead of worrying about running out of ammunition.

The Ideal Amount for an 18-Hole Game

If you are going to play all 18 holes at once, then three dozen is the ideal amount. This allows enough room in case some get lost or damaged during play so that there still remains enough to complete the entire round without buying more. On top of that, having extra will allow for practice swings between shots and gives an opportunity to switch up which ball type is used each hole if desired.

Other Considerations When Packing Golf Balls

It’s also important when packing your bag with golf balls to consider where exactly they will go among other clubs and accessories. If not properly stored away in small pockets inside the bag or dividers around clubs, they could end up being crushed by other items throughout a game; meaning fewer usable rounds left by the end! Additionally, ensuring each ball has its own individual compartment within a larger pocket helps keep them from bouncing against one another too much while moving from hole to hole which otherwise may cause unnecessary damage as well.


No matter what level golfer you are or style preference when it comes down swinging – having an adequate supply of quality golf balls available is essential for any perfect round whether at a driving range or full eighteen-hole course! Bring 3 dozen along every time for optimal performance no matter what situation arises over those long hours out on green grassy fields!