How Many Decibels Is A NASCAR Race? An Inside Look At The Numbers

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What Does a NASCAR Race Sound Like?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the roar and excitement of a NASCAR race firsthand? From the sounds of engines revving up to the cheers from fans, there’s something special about being at a live event. But just how loud is it really? In this blog post, we’ll explore all things decibel related when it comes to NASCAR races.

How Loud Is A NASCAR Race?

The answer may surprise you: according to research done by sound engineers in 2019, a typical NASCAR race can reach up to 120 dB! To put that into perspective, most people find 85 dB uncomfortable and would not want to listen for extended periods at those levels. The sound level produced by an F1 car on full throttle has been measured as high as 140 dB – which is loud enough to cause physical pain if exposed over long periods of time.

Why Are They So Loud?

NASCAR cars are some of the most powerful machines out there; they’re capable of reaching speeds upwards of 200 mph! With that type of acceleration comes lots of noise – both from engine exhausts and tires spinning on asphalt or concrete tracks. Additionally, many tracks include loudspeakers that amplify engine noises throughout their grounds – making them even louder than they would be without amplification devices.

Does All This Noise Have Negative Effects On Drivers And Fans Alike?

Unfortunately, yes – exposure to noise levels above 80 dB can lead to hearing loss over time (depending on duration). While drivers wear protection such as helmets and earplugs while racing, fans don’t always have this luxury available when attending events in person or watching them remotely via television or streaming services. It’s important for everyone who attends these events (or watches them) regularly take precautions against prolonged exposure – such as wearing proper ear protection whenever possible!


At 120dB+, attending or viewing a NASCAR race can be an incredibly loud but also an incredibly exciting experience for anyone involved! That said, it’s important for all attendees (and viewers) alike to remember that overexposure can lead to hearing loss over time, so make sure that any necessary precautions are taken before enjoying your next race event.