How Many Croquet Hoops Are There? A Comprehensive Guide

Croquet is a popular outdoor game enjoyed by people of all ages. It involves hitting wooden or plastic balls through a series of hoops using mallets. The objective is to be the first player or team to complete the course, which raises an interesting question: how many croquet hoops are there in a typical game?

The Basic Rules and Setup

Before we delve into the number of croquet hoops, let’s quickly go over the basic rules and setup of the game. Croquet can be played with either four or six players, divided into two teams.

A standard croquet set typically includes six different colors of balls (two for each team), several mallets, and a set of hoops. The size and shape may vary slightly depending on personal preference or variations of the game.

The Traditional Number: Nine Hoops

In traditional croquet games, there are usually nine hoops strategically placed throughout the playing field. These hoops are arranged in two diamond-shaped patterns known as double diamonds.

Each diamond has four outer hoops forming a square shape connected diagonally by one central hoop. Players must navigate their ball through these nine hoops in order from start to finish while also aiming to hit other players’ balls out of play along the way.

Variations in Hoop Numbers

While nine is considered traditional, it’s important to note that there are various versions and variations within croquet that may alter the number of hoos you encounter during gameplay:

Golf Croquet:

In golf croquet – a simplified version popular among beginners – only six wickets (hoops) are utilized instead of nine. This reduces the complexity of the game while still offering plenty of fun and strategy.

Association Croquet:

In contrast, association croquet is played with more complexity and precision. This version uses a total of twelve hoops instead of nine, adding an additional level of challenge for players who enjoy a higher degree of strategic play.


Croquet is a versatile game enjoyed by many around the world. Whether you play the traditional version with nine hoops or explore variations like golf croquet or association croquet with differing hoop counts, it’s all about having fun and honing your skills.

Now that you know how many hoops are typically used in various versions of croquet, gather your friends or family, set up your mallets on the grassy field, and get ready for hours of entertaining gameplay!