Burn Calories and Strike It Big: How Many Calories Does Bowling Burn?

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How Many Calories Does Bowling Burn?

Do you ever wonder how much of a workout bowling can be? If your goal is to stay healthy and in shape, it’s important to know the answer. So just how many calories does bowling burn? Let’s take a look at what exercise experts have to say about this fun sport.

The Physical Benefits of Bowling

Bowling offers some great physical benefits. When playing the game, you use your core muscles as well as both arm and leg muscles to propel the ball down the lane. This helps strengthen your body while also providing cardiovascular benefits that keep you fit and healthy. Additionally, because each player must stand up for an extended period of time while they bowl, it can help improve balance and coordination over time.

Calorie Burning Potential

Now let’s talk about calorie burning potential. According to research conducted by Harvard Medical School, one hour of bowling burns approximately 200-250 calories depending on one’s weight and intensity level during playtime. That means if you spend two hours bowling with friends or family members every week – that adds up to 400-500 calories burned! And don’t forget: walking back and forth between lanes is also good for calorie burning!


Bowling is not only a fun way for people of all ages to socialize; it also provides excellent physical benefits such as improved strength and coordination as well as increased caloric expenditure which can help maintain overall health goals when combined with other activities like running or biking throughout the week. Plus there are plenty more reasons why it’s worth giving this surprisingly active pastime a try – so grab some friends or family members head out for an evening of friendly competition – just remember (and enjoy!) knowing that you’re getting an impressive workout too!