How Many Calories Does Aerial Silks Burn?

Aerial silks, also known as aerial fabrics or aerial tissue, is a captivating and challenging form of physical activity that combines strength, flexibility, and artistic expression. As you gracefully maneuver your body through intricate poses and suspended movements high above the ground, it’s natural to wonder about the potential calorie-burning benefits of this unique art form.

The Science Behind Calorie Burning

When it comes to shedding calories during exercise, various factors come into play. The number of calories burned depends on your weight, exertion level, duration of workout sessions, and individual metabolism. Engaging in activities that elevate your heart rate and require significant muscle engagement tends to result in more calories being burned.

A Total-Body Workout

Aerial silks offer a total-body workout by targeting major muscle groups throughout your body. This form of exercise engages not only your core muscles but also your arms, shoulders, back muscles, glutes (buttocks), legs – essentially every muscle group! By incorporating dynamic movements such as climbs, wraps, drops and inversions while maintaining control on the fabric apparatuses – silks or ropes – you’ll be actively working many different muscles simultaneously.

Calories Burned During Aerial Silks

Variations in Caloric Expenditure

The amount of calories burned during an aerial silks session varies depending on several factors mentioned earlier. However,

  • If you weigh around 125 pounds: On average*, expect to burn approximately 322-377 calories per hour during an intermediate-level class or practice session.
  • If you weigh around 155 pounds: You may burn roughly 399-466 calories per hour during the same level of intensity.
  • If you weigh around 185 pounds: Your calorie burn may be higher, ranging from about 476-555 calories an hour.

*These numbers are approximations and can vary depending on individual factors such as intensity of movement, fitness level, and metabolic rate.

The Intensity Factor

Aerial silks offers a wide range of moves and techniques that allow practitioners to control the intensity of their workout. Engaging in high-intensity movements like aerial drops or performing routines at a faster pace will naturally increase your calorie burn compared to slower-paced or less intense movements.

Beyond Calorie Burn: Additional Benefits

Building Strength and Endurance

Aerial silks require significant upper body strength, core stability, and grip strength. Regular training can lead to improved muscle tone, increased endurance levels, enhanced flexibility, and greater overall functional strength. These physical benefits extend beyond mere calorie burning!

Mental Well-being

In addition to its physical rewards, practicing aerial silks contributes positively to mental well-being. The combination of focus required for executing complex moves along with the adrenaline rush experienced while being suspended in mid-air creates a unique sense of accomplishment that boosts self-confidence and reduces stress levels.


Aerial silks is not just an awe-inspiring art form but also provides an excellent opportunity for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to burn calories while engaging their entire bodies in a challenging workout routine. With its potential for artistic expression combined with numerous physical benefits including muscle toning, improved endurance levels, flexibility gains as well as mental wellness enhancement – it’s no wonder why more people are drawn towards this captivating activity!