The Surprising Truth About How Many Calories Tennis Players Burn

Person in Black Shirt Holding Tennis Racket


Tennis: The Calorie Burning Sport

Tennis is an exciting and challenging sport that requires agility, speed, and coordination. It’s no wonder that players burn a lot of calories during a match! The amount of energy expended during the game depends on the length of the match, as well as the intensity with which it’s played. So how many calories do tennis players typically burn while playing?

Calories Burned During Tennis Matches

The exact number of calories burned by individual tennis players varies depending on their weight and fitness level. However, research has shown that an average hour-long singles or doubles match can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000+ calories. That’s equivalent to running a 5K at moderate pace! So even if you don’t consider yourself to be in great shape, you can still reap some serious calorie-burning benefits from playing tennis regularly.

Factors Affecting Calories Burned

In addition to the length of the match and your body weight/fitness level, other factors such as court surface type also affect how many calories are burned during play. Hard courts require more exertion than clay ones since they’re slippery and cause more sliding around for players when chasing shots down. Similarly, playing singles versus doubles will also result in different calorie expenditures due to having fewer opponents (and less movement) in double matches compared to singles ones where there is constant running around between points. And lastly but not least – technique plays an important role too; experienced players who have mastered certain strokes may expend less energy than novice ones who are still learning proper form and footwork patterns on court.


All in all, while every player burns different amounts of calories each time they step onto the court – one thing is certain: Tennis is one excellent way to get active and put those extra pounds into perspective! Whether it’s a short or long session out there – rest assured knowing your body will thank you for it afterwards with plenty of positive health benefits that come along with regular physical activity like this popular racket sport offers us all year round!.