The Perfect Strike: How Many Calories You Burn Bowling

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Exploring the Calorie Expenditure of Bowling

It’s no secret that bowling is a great way to have fun and stay active. From the satisfying feeling of rolling a strike to connecting with friends, it’s an enjoyable activity for all ages. But how do you know if your game is helping you burn calories? Let’s take a look at how many calories are burned while bowling and what factors affect this number.

Calories Burned While Bowling

The amount of calories burned while bowling depends on several factors, such as weight, intensity level, and duration. On average, someone who weighs 155 lbs can burn around 170-200 calories in 30 minutes of bowling without any additional activity. If you add more strenuous elements like jumping or increasing your speed when throwing the ball, you can burn even more than 200 calories in 30 minutes.

For those looking for a higher calorie expenditutre from their game of bowling we recommend adding some arm exercises into the mix – punching your arms up towards the ceiling after each turn could help increase caloric output by around 10%. Keep it up consistently throughout your game and soon enough you’ll start seeing results!

Other Factors That Affect Calories Burned

In addition to weight and intensity level there are other variables that can influence how much energy is expended during a game of bowling: distance traveled between lanes; time spent standing versus sitting; use (or lack thereof)of pre-throw stretching/warmup exercises; etc… All these elements contribute to one’s individual caloric expenditure depending on their body type & specific circumstances surrounding their particular game session.


Bowling is an enjoyable way to stay active – not only does it provide entertainment but now we know that it also offers great calorie-burning benefits too! Depending on certain variables such as weight, intensity level, duration and type of exercise performed – one could expect an average person weighing 155lbs to burn anywhere from 170-200+ calories per 30 minutes played without any additional activities incorporated into their routine. So why not hit up your local alley today for some healthy competition?