How Long is a Field Hockey Field? Everything You Need to Know

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What is the Length of a Standard Field Hockey Pitch?

Field hockey is an exciting sport that has been popular around the world for centuries. Although it originated in Europe and was initially played on grass fields, field hockey can now be found on artificial turf pitches as well. If you’re interested in playing or just curious to know more about the game, one of your first questions might be: how long is a field hockey field?

Understanding the Dimensions of a Field Hockey Pitch

The size of a standard field hockey pitch depends largely on whether it’s intended for use by youth or adult players. For amateur football players, international standards dictate that junior (under-16) and senior (over-16) pitches must measure 91 meters x 55 meters. In terms of width, this equates to roughly three times longer than wide – ideal for fast-paced play and plenty of running room!

However, when considering all levels, from professional down to recreational, these dimensions may vary slightly due to local regulations. Many competitive clubs choose to increase their pitch length up to 100m while still maintaining the same width ratio; this allows them greater flexibility when hosting tournaments with teams from different countries who may have differing expectations regarding pitch size.

Factors That Affect the Length & Width Of A Field Hockey Pitch

Apart from age group considerations and tournament requirements, there are several other factors that determine how large or small a particular pitch should be; these include climate conditions such as temperature and humidity, which can affect player performance during matches – particularly if they’re held outdoors – as well as surface type i.e., grass versus plastic turf which impacts ball speed and movement capability amongst team members alike! Additionally, ground features like hills or depressions also come into consideration when measuring out specific areas according to international rules so that everyone involved enjoys fair play no matter where they happen across each other during competition time!


To summarise, typically speaking, most competitive adult level field hockey pitches will measure between 91m x 55m but could reach up to 100m depending on various external elements, including climate conditions or venue requirements. Ultimately though, no matter what shape your chosen arena takes – you’ll still need plenty of grit and determination if you want to come out victorious in any match!