How Long Does It Take to Learn Aerial Silks?

If you’ve ever been awestruck by the mesmerizing and graceful performances of aerial silks, you might find yourself wondering just how long it takes to master this captivating art form. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as each individual progresses at their own pace, we can explore a general timeline for learning aerial silks.

The Learning Curve

Learning aerial silks combines elements of strength training, flexibility, coordination, and creativity – all while defying gravity! As with any physical discipline or skill set, the time needed to learn aerial silks varies from person to person. Various factors influence the learning curve:

Prior Experience

If you have previous experience in activities like dance or gymnastics that involve body awareness and control, your transition into aerial silks may be smoother. Familiarity with these disciplines can help speed up your progress.

Frequency of Practice

Consistency plays a significant role in how quickly you learn anything new. The more frequently you practice aerial silks – ideally several times per week – the faster your skills are likely to develop.

Fitness Level

Physical fitness levels differ among individuals at the start of their journey into aerial silk training. Those who already possess good cardiovascular endurance and core strength will likely progress faster due to having a solid foundation for building upon.

Beginner Stage (0-6 months)

During the initial stage of learning aerial silks (typically spanning around six months), beginners focus on acquiring fundamental skills while becoming comfortable with being suspended high above ground level.

In this phase:

Knot Tying Skills

You’ll start by developing essential knot tying techniques which allow you to secure the silks around a rigging point. This skill ensures your safety and stability during various moves.

Basic Climbing Techniques

Learning basic climbing techniques is vital in the beginner stage. You’ll begin with simple footlocks and progress to more complex climbs as you build strength and confidence on the silks.

Inversions and Footlock Holds

During this phase, you’ll start practicing inversions – suspending yourself upside down – as well as different types of footlock holds. These moves introduce you to being inverted while increasing core stability and upper body strength.

Intermediate Stage (6 months – 2 years)

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental skills, you will move into the intermediate stage of aerial silk training, which typically spans from six months to two years depending on various factors such as practice frequency, dedication, and innate abilities.

In this phase:

Skill Expansion

You’ll expand your repertoire by learning more advanced tricks, drops, poses, wraps, transitions between moves, spins that increase rotation speed while suspended in air – all aimed at enhancing your overall gracefulness on aerial silks.

Routine Development

As an intermediate learner becomes more comfortable with their skillset on aerial silks, they can begin focusing on choreography development. Creating routines allows for seamless flow between moves while showcasing individuality through expression and musicality.

Advanced Stage (2+ years)

After dedicating two or more years to mastering aerial silk techniques adequately at an intermediate level comes advancement into the expert realm.

In this final stage:

Precision Moves

Refining technique becomes paramount in executing precision-based movements that require perfect timing for smooth transitions between intricate poses or drops. It’s during this phase that performers often experiment with creating unique signature movements based on their personal style.

Artistic Expression

At the advanced stage, aerial silk artists develop their artistic voice and explore deeper emotional connections with their performances. It’s a time when creativity and risk-taking merge to create awe-inspiring acts that captivate audiences.


The journey to mastering aerial silks is as unique as each individual embarking upon it. While timelines may vary depending on prior experience, dedication, practice frequency, and innate abilities, a general outline of beginner (0-6 months), intermediate (6 months – 2 years), and advanced (2+ years) stages can provide insight into this mesmerizing art form’s learning process. Remember that patience, perseverance, and passion are key ingredients in soaring through the skies with grace on your own set of aerial silks!