How Long Does a Rugby Match Last? The Rules & Regulations Explained

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How Long Does a Rugby Match Last?

Rugby is an incredibly popular sport around the world and one that fans have been enjoying for decades. But how long does a rugby match last? The answer can vary depending on the type of match being played and the format of play, but it usually ranges between 80 to 100 minutes.

Types of Rugby Matches

The length of a rugby match depends on what type of game it is. Generally speaking, there are two types: Union or League. In Union matches, teams will usually play over two 40-minute halves with 10 minutes allocated for half-time in between; while in League games, they typically play four quarters at 20 minutes each with 5-minute breaks in between.

Additional Time

In addition to this, extra time may be needed due to injuries or other factors that cause stoppages during the game. Referees may allow additional playing time at their discretion depending on the severity and frequency of these interruptions – typically no more than five minutes per half (or quarter). Furthermore, some matches may also include golden point periods where both sides have an opportunity to score points within a set period until someone wins (this normally lasts up to 10 minutes).


Overall, most rugby matches last anywhere from 80-100 minutes, depending on the game type and if any stoppages occur during playtime. Referees may add additional time according to circumstances such as injury or fouls committed by either team – however, this rarely exceeds five additional minutes per half/quarter unless otherwise specified beforehand by tournament organizers or governing bodies prior to kick off.