The Ultimate Guide To Handball: How Long Can You Hold The Ball?

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Handball is a popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s fast-paced and exciting, with the objective to score goals by throwing or hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal. But how long can you hold onto the ball in handball? Let’s take a look at this interesting question and find out!

Rules on Holding The Ball

In handball, players are only allowed to hold onto the ball for three seconds before they must pass it on or shoot it toward their opponents’ goal. This time limit ensures that games remain dynamic and action-packed as teams move quickly between offense and defense. When holding onto the ball for longer than three seconds without attempting to shoot or pass it to another player, a player will receive a foul from the referee which results in them losing possession of the ball.

Strategies For Handling The Ball

In order to be successful in handball, players must develop effective strategies for handling the ball within that short window of three seconds. Developing good techniques such as dribbling skills is essential if you want your team to have an advantage over your opponents when attacking or defending against them with possession of the ball. Players should also practice passing skills so they can quickly get rid of any excess pressure from defenders while still keeping control over where they want their teammates located on the court during playtime.


Knowing how long you can hold onto a handball is key to mastering this fun and exciting sport! With just three seconds available between each action players need quick reflexes, effective dribbling techniques, and sharp passing skills if they wish for success – so training for these aspects regularly is definitely recommended!