How Long Are Lacrosse Sticks? Understanding Lengths & Sizes

The Fascinating World of Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse is an exciting, fast-paced sport that has been around in some form since the early 1600s. It requires a lot of skill and athleticism and is one of those sports that can take years to master. As such, the equipment used for playing lacrosse can be just as important as any other aspect when it comes to performance on the field. One such piece of gear is the lacrosse stick, which comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on your level of play or position. But how long are these sticks?

Size Matters: Understanding Stick Lengths

When it comes to understanding how long lacrosse sticks should be, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, the total length depends on what type of player you are; an attacker’s stick will generally be shorter than a defenseman’s while goalies tend to have their own specific size requirements too. Generally speaking though, men’s sticks usually measure between 40 – 72 inches (102 – 183 cm) while women’s range from 35 – 68 inches (89 – 173 cm).

It’s also worth noting that within each gender category certain manufacturers will produce slightly different sizes so if you want something extra long or short then make sure you double check before buying! Additionally, shaft lengths may vary even within models so again do your research beforehand!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Once you have determined what size lacrosse stick might work best for your game then it’s time to start looking around at different brands and models available on the market today; fortunately there are hundreds out there designed specifically with various characteristics in mind like weight distribution or stiffness etc… Ultimately finding ‘the one’ all boils down to what works best for YOUR individual style but luckily due diligence pays off because once you find something right up your alley then chances are good it won’t let you down anytime soon!


Knowing how long lacrosse sticks should be isn’t always easy but thanks to technological advancements over recent years finding exactly what suits YOU best has become much simpler than ever before! So if getting ahead with optimal performance levels is at top priority then don’t hesitate any longer; get yourself kitted out with quality gear so that when push does come shove everyone else better watch out ’cause here YOU come!!