The Definitive Guide To Pickleball Court Size: What You Need To Know

What is a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is an increasingly popular racquet sport combining badminton, tennis, and table tennis elements. The game can be played indoors or outdoors on a court with various size dimensions depending on the number of players. While the rules are similar to those of other racquet sports, understanding the proper measurements for a pickleball court will ensure smooth gameplay and fair competition.

Key Dimensions of a Pickleball Court

The standard size for an outdoor pickleball court is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. For indoor courts, it’s slightly smaller at 20 feet wide by 34 feet long. Additionally, there must be two lines drawn perpendicular to each baseline: one three feet from either side for doubles play and one four-and-a-half feet from either side for singles play (the non-volley zone). All other lines are drawn eight inches wide in different colors, making them easy to distinguish during gameplay.

Other Considerations When Playing on a Pickleball Court

In addition to knowing the proper measurements of your pickleball court, there are some safety considerations that must also be taken into account when playing this sport. As with any type of physical activity, players should make sure their equipment fits properly before engaging in intense bouts of gameplay – this includes wearing appropriate protective gear such as helmets or eyewear if necessary. It’s also important to follow all local laws regarding noise levels; some communities may have restrictions on how loud you can get while playing pickleball due to its popularity growing rapidly in recent years!


Pickleball has become increasingly popular over recent years as people discover its unique combination between badminton, tennis, and table tennis – but not everyone knows about the key dimensions required for optimal playability! Knowing what these sizes are will help create fair competition amongst players so they can enjoy their time spent together without worrying about unfair advantages being taken advantage off during matches. Furthermore, following certain safety guidelines such as wearing protective gear (if necessary) will ensure everyone stays safe while having fun out on the court!