The Definitive Guide To The Pickleball Net Height: Get It Right Every Time

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Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport that’s a mix of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It can be incredibly fun to play and requires skill, strategy, agility and endurance. But if you want to enjoy the game properly, you need to make sure your net is set up correctly – so how high should a pickleball net be?

Height Requirements for Pickleball Nets

So what’s the official height requirement for pickleball nets? The USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) states that all outdoor courts must have nets at 36 inches (about 91 cm) in height at their center – this applies both during tournament games as well as recreational games. For indoor courts however, the USAPA states that nets must be kept slightly lower than standard at 34 inches (86 cm). This is due to ceilings often being too low in most indoor courts which makes it impossible to raise them higher without compromising safety or tampering with court rules.

Adjusting Net Height According To Player Ability Level

Depending on player ability level or age group of players involved in a match changes may also occur when it comes to net height requirements. For example, younger children playing recreationally might need the nets lowered down even further depending on their size – this would help give them more time and space between themselves and their opponents when trying to hit shots over the net successfully! Similarly some experienced players may prefer raising their outdoor court nets even higher than 36 inches if they wish; usually this would only happen during non-tournament matches though as tournament regulations state that all outdoor court heights remain equal across all participating teams/players!