How Fast Is A Volleyball Spike? Discover The Speed Behind It

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The Power of the Volleyball Spike

The volleyball spike is one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring shots in all of sports. It’s a move that requires incredible strength, agility, timing and accuracy to execute at its highest level. But what many don’t know is just how fast a volleyball spike can be.

When performed perfectly, with perfect technique and power, a volleyball spike can reach speeds up to 80 mph! This speed will require tremendous athleticism and practice before it can be achieved – but when done right it looks beautiful on the court. With proper training athletes have been able to achieve even faster spikes reaching speeds up to 125 mph!

Speed Does Matter

In addition to looking impressive on the court, having an incredibly fast spike has several other advantages as well. When executed correctly with maximum force behind it, a volley ball player can often send their opponent off balance from being hit by such strong force so quickly. This gives them an advantage in terms of positioning on the court as they will have more time to set themselves for defense or attack depending on which direction their opponent falls due too much acceleration from being struck by such high speed ball movement..

Furthermore, having a faster volley ball shot also makes it harder for opposing players too block or return your serve as they won’t have enough time react if you send them something moving over 80mph!

Practice Makes Perfect

While achieving speeds like 80mph might seem daunting at first there are plenty ways athletes can work towards this goal through consistent practice and dedication. Working with experienced coaches who understand how physics applies to sports technique is essential here as they’ll help you understand why certain techniques are better suited than others when trying increase your spiking speed while still maintaining control over your shot placement on court . There are also plenty drills that players should incorporate into their regular routine including plyometrics (jumping exercises) which helps build explosive power necessary for executing powerful jump serves..

Overall understanding why certain types of body movements create more acceleration during your spikes will go along way in helping any athlete increase their spiking velocity thus putting them ahead of competition come game day!


The volleyball spike is one of sport’s most majestic plays when executed properly; however few realize just how much skill goes into pulling off these amazing shots consistently throughout matches . Utilizing both physical strength training coupled with sound technical knowledge provides athletes with opportunity turn into masterful servers capable sending balls flying past opponents at mind boggling velocities!