The Incredible Speed of NASCAR: How Fast Does a NASCAR Go?

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How Fast Does a NASCAR Go?

The question of how fast does a NASCAR go is one that has been asked for many years. From the high-speed oval tracks to the inner city streets, fans have always wondered how these cars and their drivers manage to reach such incredible speeds. So let’s take a look at what it takes for an average NASCAR driver to reach those record-breaking speeds and what makes them so powerful in the first place.

A Brief History Of The Sport

NASCAR was founded in 1948 by Bill France Sr., who wanted to create an organized form of racing with rules, regulations and safety requirements that could be enforced year after year. He also wanted to make sure that all competitors were on even playing fields when it came time for actual races. Since then, NASCAR has become one of America’s favorite sports as millions tune in each weekend to watch some of the world’s best racers compete against each other on some of the most challenging tracks around the world.

The Cars Themselves And Their Speeds

When they are not racing, stock cars (the type used in NASCAR) are heavily modified from street versions you may see driving down your local roadways every day – though plenty still can travel well over 200 miles per hour! In order for a car to be competitive on race day, teams must adhere strictly to specific weight limits set out by NASCAR which usually keeps top speed under 200 mph throughout most races due as much aerodynamic drag comes into play when reaching higher velocities like this – although there are certain periods where drivers will attempt daring moves or overtake another team member at close range and exceed this during short bursts .


No matter what kind of speed record any particular vehicle may hold, it is safe to say that viewing any live race is guaranteed excitement as these vehicles push themselves beyond their limits time and time again! Whether you catch up with events via streaming services or seek out special tickets if available locally; watching any auto racing can certainly give viewers an adrenaline rush unlike no other sport currently available