How Fast Does a Lacrosse Ball Travel? Uncovering the Truth Behind This High-Speed Sport

Unlock the Secrets of How Fast a Lacrosse Ball Travels

Are you looking to brush up on your lacrosse skills? One way to boost your game is to understand how fast a lacrosse ball can travel. Whether you’re just getting into the sport or have been playing for years, understanding the speed and trajectory of a lacrosse ball can help you step up your game.

What Factors Affect Lacrosse Ball Speed?

A number of factors determine how fast a lacrosse ball travels. The weight, size and shape of the stick all play an integral role in determining its velocity. Additionally, certain techniques like shooting off-angle will also affect how quickly it moves through the air. Hand-eye coordination is also important when it comes to controlling where the ball goes once it’s released from your stick. With practice and dedication, even an amateur player can learn to shoot with accuracy and power.

The Average Velocity of a Lacrosse Ball

The average speed at which a professional players shoots their sticks is around 80 mph—however more experienced players may be able to reach speeds upwards 90 mph! That might not seem too impressive at first glance but keep in mind that that’s faster than an average fastball pitch thrown by Major League Baseball pitchers—which typically clock in around 85–90mph! Of course if someone has exceptional hand-eye coordination they may be able to push those boundaries even further.


Becoming familiar with how fast and far a typical lacrosse shot goes will give any player an advantage as they strive towards mastering their craft both on and off field. While everyone’s skill level varies depending upon experience, dedication plays an important role in helping aspiring players reach peak performance levels no matter what level they start out at!