How Fast Does a College Softball Pitcher Throw?

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Understanding College Softball Pitching Speeds

Softball is a popular and exciting sport to watch, with its mix of lightning-fast action and intense strategy. One element that adds to the spectacle is the astonishing speed at which pitchers can throw their pitches. So just how fast do college softball pitchers throw their balls?

Average Pitch Speed

The average pitch speed for college softball usually falls between 70 mph and 75 mph, depending on the pitcher’s level of skill. The upper range can reach 80 or even 90 mph in some cases. This means that when you’re watching a game, it’s important to stay alert because these pitches come in fast! In comparison, major league baseball pitchers typically average around 90mph on their fastest pitches.

Differences Between Fastballs and Changeups

Fastballs are pitched at higher speeds than change-ups; most change-ups register around 60mph – 65mph compared to 70mph – 85mph for fastballs. A good fastball pitcher will often have both a four-seam fastball (which registers higher velocities) as well as two-seam fastball (which doesn’t travel as quickly but move more erratically). Changeups are slower, so they tend to create confusion among batters who are expecting faster pitches from prior experience; this makes them effective weapons against experienced batters.


College softball pitching speeds range from 70 miles per hour up to 90 miles per hour depending on the skill level of the individual pitcher, making it an impressive sight when watched live or on television! Both elementary knowledge of pitch types such as four seam and two seam fastballs plus slow paced changeups allow skilled players to apply different tactics throughout games, making them difficult opponents for batters trying to guess what type of pitch comes next!