The Surprising Speed Of Lacrosse Shots: How Quick Are They Really?

lacrosse sticks on green field

The Speed of a Lacrosse Shot

Lacrosse is an incredibly exciting and fast-paced sport, with players often making split-second decisions on the field. But how fast do lacrosse shots actually travel? It turns out that it depends on several factors, including the skill level of the shooter and what type of shot they are taking.

Factors That Affect Lacrosse Shots

A number of factors come into play when measuring the speed of lacrosse shots. The strength and technique used by the shooter can have an impact, as well as their distance from the goal line or net. Additionally, if a shooter uses a more advanced shooting style such as “cradle” or “wrap around” then this can also affect their speed. A player’s stance when taking a shot will also influence its velocity: for example, those who shoot while standing to tend to produce faster shots than those who shoot while crouching down low to the ground.

Average Velocity Of Professional Lacrosse Shots

Professional lacrosse players typically take shots at speeds ranging from 60mph to 90mph. These high velocities require extreme control over ball placement and power in order to accurately hit their target area within a matter of milliseconds! However, depending on various other performance elements such as technique and stance mentioned above, these averages may vary slightly between players but still remain fairly consistent throughout professional leagues worldwide.


In conclusion, there are many variables that determine just how fast any given lacrosse shot will be – from distance from the goal line/net all the way up to the shooting style used by each individual player! Professional-level shooters typically range anywhere from 60 mph – 90 mph however; lower levels may see even slower speeds due to a lack of muscle memory or experience with specific techniques required for higher accuracy & velocity control!