How Far From The Volleyball Net Is The Serving Line? A Comprehensive Guide

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Getting the Proper Serving Line Measurement in Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that requires precise measurements and regulations, especially when it comes to serving. Knowing how far from the net your service line should be can make or break your team’s success. It is important for players to understand the distance between their service line and the volleyball net so they can practice correctly and avoid any fouls during play.

The Standard Measurement for a Volleyball Net

A standard volleyball net measures 9 meters (29 feet 6 inches) wide by 18 meters (59 feet 1 inch) long, with an official height at men’s levels of 2.43 meters (7 feet 11 5/8 inches). The standard distance between both sides of the court must also measure 18 meters (59 feet 1 inch). This means that if you draw an imaginary line through center of each side of the court, it should measure exactly 18 meters apart from one end to another.

Measuring Your Service Line

Your serving line should always be two meter back on either side away from this imaginary mid-court centerline – meaning 4m total away from either side of midcourt – giving you a total measurement for your service zone being 8m wide across both sides combined . This leaves 10m remaining in front of each player’s sideline prior to reaching their respective service lines. Additionally, all players must stay within their own sidelines until after they have made contact with the ball during serve—so no overlapping onto other courts!


Understanding how far your serving area is from volley ball nets is essential for setting up plays properly during matches and practicing accurately off-the-pitch. A regulation size volley ball net has specific dimensions which help ensure fairness among both players and teams competing against one another as well as making sure everyone stays within their designated areas while playing or practicing shots together outside games. Measuring out your two meter serving area can give you more control over where you are able to aim serves – whether it’s towards certain spots on opposing courts or angles around them – resulting in better chances at scoring points!