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Understanding Pickleball Scoring

Pickleball is a fast-paced, fun game that combines elements of badminton and tennis. It’s popular among both young and old, as well as experienced athletes and those just starting out. While the rules may seem daunting at first, understanding how to score in pickleball can help make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The Basics of Scoring

In pickleball scoring, each team has an opportunity to win points during their serve. The serving team must get the ball over the net without it touching any part of the court; if successful, they will gain one point for their side. If not successful on their first attempt at serving, they are given another chance – but only one additional opportunity is permitted per turn before losing a point to their opponents.

Serving Alternation

When playing pickleball with two teams of equal size (or four players in total), each player gets two serves back-to-back from either side of the court before switching off with their opponent(s) on alternate sides after every two serves – this process repeats until someone scores a point or misses both chances at serving within that round. For example: Player A serves twice from right side followed by Player B’s consecutive two serves from left side then again Player A’s serve from right side and so forth till someone scores a point or fails to hit over net in two attempts consecutively leading into other team’s service turn then again following same pattern set previously until end of game is reached after completion of 21 points by either team winning 11 points straight up against its opponent(s).

Scoring Points

Once someone successfully hits over net without it touching any part inside court area then score will update accordingly depending on who served lastly – this applies whether playing singles match (one vs one) or doubles match (two vs two). In case when wrong person returns/serves ball even though his/her teammate was actually responsible for doing so then opposing team will be awarded single point instead leading into next service rotation cycle start allover again like earlier explained above while existing score remains constant since no actual served return happened thus far!


Scoring in pickleball can be quite confusing at first glance but once you understand some basic rules around alternating services between teams as well as awarding appropriate number of points based upon who lastly returned ball over net without touching any part inside court area then you’ll quickly become familiarized with system used widely amongst many competitive tournaments throughout world today!