The Definitive Guide to Getting Rid of Gophers on Golf Courses

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Tackling a Common Golf Course Problem: How to Get Rid of Gophers

Gophers can be an annoying problem on golf courses, making mounds of dirt that can damage greens and fairways. They also dig burrows which can create obstacles for players. So how do you get rid of gophers from your golf course?

One way to start is by trying to understand why the gophers are there in the first place. Are they attracted by food or shelter sources on your course? The next step is to work out what methods will best target them without harming other animals or people who frequent your grounds.

Identifying Gopher Activity

The most common signs of a gopher infestation include visible mounds and tunneling in grassy areas such as putting greens, tees, and fairways. The tunnels may appear as raised lines or patches in the grass where soil has been pushed up from below ground level. If it has recently rained or snowed, you may also see holes where gophers have emerged above ground or footprints near their entrance holes.

Methods To Remove Gophers

Once you’ve identified activity on your course, there are several methods for getting rid of them: trapping, baiting with poison bait blocks, flooding tunnels with water, repellents such as loud noises (e.g., propane cannons) and predator urine/manure scent sprays (e.g., coyote urine), fencing off areas they inhabit and cutting down vegetation around their burrows that provides cover for them during daylight hours when they typically come out to feed. Some professionals suggest combining two different methods together — like using both traps and baits at once — for better results overall!


While it’s never easy dealing with pests like gophers on a golf course, taking some proactive steps now can help reduce their impact in the future! Identify any active signs of an infestation then use one -or multiple- control strategies depending on what works best for you situation; remember safety must always come first so please make sure all products used are safe to humans before use . With these tips in mind hopefully this pesky issue will soon be resolved!