The Secret Behind How College Football Teams Travel [You’ll Be Surprised!]

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College football is an extremely popular sport in the United States, and with that popularity comes a great amount of travel. College teams often have to travel long distances for games and other events. So how exactly do college football teams manage all their traveling? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that college football teams travel, from airplanes to buses and more.

Air Travel

When it comes to traveling quickly over long distances, nothing beats air travel. For many college football teams, flying is the preferred mode of transportation when they need to get somewhere in a hurry. Teams typically charter planes for their trips as it allows them more control over their schedule and gives them more space than regular commercial flights would provide.

Bus Travel

For shorter trips or those within driving distance, most college football teams opt for bus travel instead of flying. Buses are cheaper than airplanes and offer flexibility when it comes to stopping along the way or making last-minute changes in plans due to weather or traffic delays. Teams can also use buses as mobile locker rooms while on road trips since they come equipped with bathrooms and plenty of storage space for equipment and supplies needed on game days away from home stadiums.

Train Travel

While not as common as airplane or bus travel, train rides can be another option if feasible depending on location and time available for transit between two cities/venues (i..e., stadium). Trains can cut down on costs compared with plane tickets but may take longer depending on routes taken so its important to consider which will make sense given the circumstances surrounding a particular trip . This could be especially helpful if there are multiple stops during one journey since trains tend to make fewer stops overall allowing passengers more time spent relaxing rather than dealing with traffic issues such as construction zones etc..


With so much traveling required by college sports teams these days it’s no surprise that each team must find efficient ways of getting around without draining too much resources (financial & personnel). Whether its via planes , buses , cars , trains or even ships – there’s always an option available that fits best according what needs must be covered during any given trip – whether short term or long haul . Ultimately , choosing wisely which form of transportation works best while delivering timely arrival times will ensure successful outcomes both inside & outside competition arenas across America ..