How Do Beach Volleyball Players Keep Sand Off?

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Sand-Free on the Beach Volleyball Court

Imagine yourself on a sunny day, barefoot on a beautiful sandy beach volleyball court. The excitement of the game is in the air as you prepare for an intense match with your teammates. But there’s one thing that can quickly become an annoyance – sand sticking to every inch of your body! Don’t worry; we’ve got some fantastic tips and tricks from seasoned beach volleyball players on how they manage to keep sand off during their games.

1. Choosing Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to staying sand-free while playing beach volleyball, choosing appropriate clothing plays a crucial role. Opt for lightweight, moisture-wicking materials that are quick-drying and tight-fitting. Loose clothing tends to accumulate more sand, obstructing movement and potentially causing discomfort.

a) Rash Guards or Compression Shirts

Wearing rash guards or compression shirts not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays but also minimizes direct contact between your body and sand particles. These tight-fitting garments create a protective barrier against flying sand while allowing freedom of movement.

b) Spandex Shorts or Leggings

Pairing your top with spandex shorts or leggings offers similar benefits by reducing exposed areas where sand can gather easily. Additionally, these form-fitting bottoms allow better flexibility and prevent loose fabric from trapping unnecessary amounts of unwanted grains.

2. Proper Footwear Selection

Beach volleyball requires agile movements such as jumping, diving, and quick changes in direction – all while trying to avoid accumulating excessive amounts of pesky sand inside your shoes!

a) Barefoot Technique

Many professional players prefer going barefoot when possible due to its inherent advantages like better grip and agility. By going au naturel, your feet can maintain direct contact with the sand, allowing for optimal control and preventing sand particles from getting trapped inside footwear.

b) Beach Volleyball Socks

For those who prefer some foot protection while still staying connected to the sand, beach volleyball socks are an excellent alternative. These specialized socks have strategically placed grips on the sole to enhance traction while ensuring that minimal amounts of sand enter through breathable materials.

3. Frequent Brush-Offs

Keeping a brush or towel nearby is an essential tool in any beach volleyball player’s arsenal for battling unwanted sand accumulation during games.

a) Quick Body Brush-Offs

Between each set or game break, give yourself a vigorous brush-off using either a hand towel or dedicated body brush. This simple action helps remove surface-level sand from exposed skin areas before it has a chance to stick, keeping you feeling fresh and free from irritation throughout your playtime.

b) Sand Removal Techniques

To tackle stubbornly adhered grains of sand on equipment or clothing, try techniques like tapping gently against hard surfaces or lightly shaking clothes away from your body over designated areas where excess sand won’t affect gameplay. Remember not to shake too forcefully as this could spread more unwanted particles around!

4. Proper Hygiene Practices

Maintaining good hygiene practices before and after beach volleyball sessions will go a long way in keeping both you and your playing area clean.

a) Shower Beforehand

If possible, take a quick rinse under freshwater before stepping onto the court. Moistening your skin helps prevent dryness caused by saltwater exposure and creates an additional barrier against sticking sands during playtime.

b) Rinse Off After Play

After completing your intense matches, head straight to a nearby beach shower or use a water bottle for rinsing. This post-game rinse removes any lingering sand particles on your body, leaving you refreshed and ready for that well-deserved rest.

In conclusion, staying sand-free during beach volleyball games is indeed challenging but not impossible. By selecting appropriate clothing and footwear options, incorporating regular brush-offs into your routine, and maintaining proper hygiene practices before and after play, you can keep pesky sand at bay while focusing on the game you love. So grab your gear, follow these tips from experienced players, and enjoy an exhilarating day of beach volleyball without worrying about getting covered in sandy discomfort!