Drafting Special Teams Specialists: The Importance of Accuracy and Leg Strength


When it comes to building a successful football team, the importance of special teams specialists cannot be overstated. These players play a crucial role in the game, particularly in terms of accuracy and leg strength. In this article, we will delve into why accuracy and leg strength are vital attributes for special teams specialists and how they can greatly impact the outcome of a game. Whether it’s a field goal attempt, punt, or kick-off, mastering these skills can make all the difference in securing a win for a team. Join us as we explore the significance of accuracy and leg strength in drafting special teams specialists.

The Role of Special Teams Specialists

Special teams play a crucial role in the game of football. These units are responsible for various aspects of the game, including kickoffs, punts, field goals, and extra point attempts. Special teams specialists are specifically trained players who excel in these areas, bringing a unique set of skills to the team. In this article, we will explore the importance of accuracy and leg strength for special teams specialists.

The Importance of Accuracy in Special Teams

When it comes to special teams, accuracy is paramount. Whether it’s a field goal attempt, an extra point kick, or a punt, precision is vital to ensure success. Special teams specialists must possess the ability to consistently hit their targets, whether it be the goalposts for a field goal or the hands of the punt returner.

Accuracy in field goal and extra point attempts can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Even a slight deviation from the intended target can result in a missed kick, potentially costing the team valuable points. Special teams specialists spend countless hours honing their technique and perfecting their accuracy to ensure they can consistently convert these scoring opportunities.

In addition to field goals and extra points, accuracy is crucial in punt situations as well. The ability to accurately punt the ball allows the team to gain field position advantage. A well-placed punt that lands inside the opponent’s territory can force them to start their offensive drive further away from the end zone, increasing the chances of a defensive stop. Special teams specialists with exceptional accuracy can greatly impact the outcome of the game by controlling field position.

The Significance of Leg Strength in Special Teams

Leg strength is another essential attribute for special teams specialists. The ability to generate significant power and distance with kicks and punts is crucial for their success. A strong leg allows the kicker to attempt longer field goals, increasing the team’s scoring potential. Similarly, a punter with a powerful leg can boot the ball deep into the opponent’s territory, forcing them to cover more ground to gain favorable field position.

Leg strength also plays a vital role in kickoffs. Kickers with powerful legs can kick the ball deep into the opponent’s end zone, forcing them to start their offensive drive from further away. This makes it more challenging for the opposing team to mount a successful return and increases the likelihood of a touchback, effectively negating any potential return yards.

Furthermore, special teams specialists with strong legs can also execute successful onside kicks. These high-risk, high-reward plays require precise timing and a powerful kick to give the kicking team the best chance of recovering the ball. Leg strength is crucial in executing such plays effectively.

In conclusion, accuracy and leg strength are two essential qualities that special teams specialists must possess. By combining precision and power, these players can significantly impact the outcome of the game. Whether it’s converting field goals, pinning opponents deep with punts, or executing successful kickoffs, accuracy and leg strength are fundamental for special teams success.

Skills and Techniques for Special Teams Specialists

Developing accurate kicking skills

To excel as a special teams specialist, accuracy in kicking is paramount. The ability to consistently place the ball precisely where intended can make all the difference in crucial game situations. Here are some key techniques to develop accurate kicking skills:

  1. Focus on proper form: Mastering the fundamentals of kicking is essential. Focus on maintaining a stable stance, aligning your body correctly, and striking the ball with the appropriate part of your foot. Consistency in form will greatly improve accuracy.

  2. Practice target drills: Set up targets on the field to simulate game scenarios. Aim for specific spots, such as the corners of the goalposts or designated areas on the field. Regularly practicing these target drills will train your muscle memory and enhance your ability to hit your intended spots accurately.

  3. Analyze and adjust: Record and review your kicks to identify any patterns or tendencies. Analyze the footage to determine any flaws in your technique that may be affecting accuracy. Once identified, make necessary adjustments and continue to refine your kicking motion.

Building leg strength through training

Special teams specialists heavily rely on their leg strength to deliver powerful and long-distance kicks. Building and maintaining strong leg muscles is crucial for generating the necessary power. Here are some effective training methods to enhance leg strength:

  1. Weighted exercises: Incorporate exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts into your strength training routine. Gradually increase the weight or resistance to continually challenge your leg muscles and promote strength development.

  2. Plyometric exercises: Plyometric exercises, such as box jumps and explosive lunges, help improve leg power and explosiveness. These exercises involve rapid muscle contractions, which contribute to generating greater force during kicks.

  3. Kicking drills: Practice various kicking drills that focus on building leg strength. These drills can include kicking against resistance bands or kicking heavier balls. By challenging your leg muscles with added resistance, you can increase their strength and power over time.

Mastering the art of kickoff and punt techniques

Kickoffs and punts are critical aspects of special teams play. Mastering the techniques involved in executing these kicks is essential for success. Here are key points to consider when perfecting kickoff and punt techniques:

  1. Maintain proper body alignment: Position your body correctly to ensure maximum power and accuracy. Maintain a balanced stance, with your non-kicking foot slightly behind the kicking foot. This alignment helps generate optimal force during the kick.

  2. Focus on timing and rhythm: Develop a consistent rhythm and timing for your approach to the ball. This ensures a smooth and controlled motion, leading to more accurate and powerful kicks. Practice your approach repeatedly to establish muscle memory and enhance your timing.

  3. Work on directional control: Learn to control the direction of your kicks by adjusting your foot angle and impact point on the ball. Experiment with different angles to achieve desired outcomes, such as kicking the ball deep or angling it towards the sidelines.

Remember, becoming a specialist in special teams requires dedicated practice and continuous improvement. By honing your accuracy, building leg strength, and mastering kickoff and punt techniques, you can elevate your performance as a special teams specialist and make a significant impact on the game.

Special Teams Specialists in Game Situations

Executing precise field goal attempts

When it comes to special teams, accurate field goal attempts can be the difference between a win and a loss in a game. A team’s placekicker needs to possess the necessary skills and technique to execute precise field goal attempts consistently.

First and foremost, accuracy is crucial for a placekicker. The ability to kick the football through the uprights with precision can earn a team valuable points, especially in tight games. This requires the specialist to have a solid understanding of the correct kicking angle, foot placement, and follow-through technique. A slight deviation in any of these factors can result in a missed or blocked field goal attempt.

Furthermore, leg strength plays a significant role in executing successful field goals. A placekicker must have the power to generate enough force to propel the football over a considerable distance, while also maintaining accuracy. A strong leg allows for longer field goal attempts, giving the team an advantage when it comes to scoring points from a distance.

Effectively punting under pressure

Another critical aspect of special teams is the ability to punt effectively, especially when under pressure. Punting is not only about distance but also about precision. A punter must be able to accurately place the football in a way that maximizes field position for their team.

Under pressure, it becomes even more challenging for a punter to execute a successful punt. They must quickly assess the situation, adjust their technique accordingly, and deliver a punt that is difficult to return. This requires not only a strong leg but also the ability to handle the pressure and make split-second decisions.

Additionally, a punter needs to have good hang time on their punts. This allows the coverage team enough time to get downfield and prevent a significant return. A punter with the right combination of leg strength, accuracy, and composure under pressure can significantly impact the field position battle in a game.

The role of accurate kickoffs in field position

Accurate kickoffs play a vital role in determining field position for both teams. A kickoff specialist needs to possess accuracy and leg strength to provide their team with an advantage in this aspect of the game.

Accurate kickoffs allow a team to pin their opponents deep in their own territory, making it more challenging for them to mount a successful offensive drive. By consistently placing kickoffs in strategic locations, a kickoff specialist can force the opposing team to start their drive from an unfavorable field position, increasing the chances of a defensive stop or turnover.

Moreover, accurate kickoffs also prevent the opposing team from gaining significant return yardage. By kicking the football in a way that minimizes the returner’s opportunities for a long return, a team can limit the opponent’s offensive starting point, making it easier for the defense to contain their offense.

In conclusion, special teams specialists play a crucial role in game situations. Whether it’s executing precise field goal attempts, punting effectively under pressure, or delivering accurate kickoffs, these specialists can impact the outcome of a game by providing their team with favorable field position and valuable points.

In conclusion, drafting special teams specialists requires careful consideration of both accuracy and leg strength. These players play a crucial role in determining the outcome of games by ensuring accurate field goals and punts. Accuracy is essential for successfully converting field goals and extra points, while leg strength is necessary for long-distance field goals and powerful punts. By selecting players who excel in these areas, teams can greatly enhance their chances of success in special teams and ultimately, the overall success of the team. Therefore, it is vital for teams to prioritize the scouting and drafting process to secure the most skilled and reliable special teams specialists possible.