Does The Ball Have To Bounce In Pickleball? Here’s What You Need To Know


The Bouncing Ball of Pickleball

Pickleball has become a popular sport in recent years, and with it come questions about the rules and regulations. One common question is whether or not the ball must bounce before being hit back across the net. While some may assume that all balls need to bounce, this isn’t always true when it comes to pickleball.

Why Does The Ball Have To Bounce?

When playing any racquet sport such as tennis or pickleball, there is an expectation that each player will get a fair chance at hitting the ball on their side of the court. Without allowing for the ball to bounce first, one player might gain an unfair advantage by having enough time and accuracy to hit the ball directly off of their opponent’s serve without ever giving them a chance to return it – making for highly uneven gameplay. For this reason, many sports require that players allow for a certain amount of bouncing before they are allowed to swing at it again across the net.

Does Pickleball Require A Bounce?

The answer depends on which style of pickleball you’re playing – singles or doubles. In singles play, all serves must be returned after bouncing once on both sides; however in doubles play only one bounce per side is required when returning service swings from either team member. This allows doubles players more freedom when returning shots since they don’t have as much time between each shot being served back over from their opponents’ side due to two people serving instead of just one person like in singles play . As such, teams can keep up faster-paced gameplay while still maintaining fairness among participants if everyone follows these rules correctly during matches!


At its core Pickleball requires courtside etiquette and respect for your fellow competitor – no matter what game mode you’re playing in! When following through with regulations like allowing your opponent’s serve to bounce once (or twice depending) you’re helping ensure fair play while also staying within competitive parameters set out by governing organizations around picklesport – so make sure you know what type of game you’re jumping into before taking part!