Does Height Matter In Tennis? The Surprising Truth Revealed

green tennis balls on tennis court

Why Height Can Be an Advantage in Tennis

Tennis is a sport that requires physical agility, strength and skill. But one factor that can make a big difference to your success on the court is height. Being taller can give you advantages when it comes to hitting powerful shots and reaching difficult angles, but shorter players also have their own advantages too. In this blog post we’ll look at why height matters in tennis, and how both tall and short players can use their stature to their advantage.

The Benefits of Being Taller

One of the main benefits of being taller in tennis is having greater reach. A longer arm span allows you to hit more powerful strokes from further away from the net, as well as reach shots that are more difficult for smaller opponents to get back into play. This extra reach also gives you a better chance of making successful volleys due to its larger swing arc than what’s available for shorter players – resulting in fewer errors on close-range shots or drop shots over your opponent’s head. On top of this, taller players tend to have stronger serves due mainly because they generate more power with each stroke thanks to their larger body mass; allowing them access higher speeds even if they don’t hit with perfect technique every time.

The Advantages Of Being Shorter

Although there are many advantages that come with being tall in tennis, shorter players shouldn’t be discouraged either! Firstly, shorter people often have better balance due partly because they’re closer to the ground which makes them less likely be knocked off balance by surprise movements or sudden changes in direction during high-level rallies; helping them stay focused throughout long points where any slight error could cost them dearly against taller opponents who may lack agility but make up for it with sheer brute force alone.. Secondly ,short people generally possess quicker reflexes than those who are tall as they need less time cover large distances around the court while still maintaining good posture and control over their strokes – enabling them return almost any shot thrown at them no matter how fast or unpredictable it may be! Lastly ,they often benefit from lower centres gravity meaning they spend less energy propelling themselves across the court – giving rise to faster sprinting reactions times when needed most!


No matter what size you are on the court – whether you’re tall or small – there will always be ways for you exploit it so that your opponents find it hard counter your moves . So keep working hard on improving all aspects of your game no matter what size player you are: build strength through weight training sessions , refine technique using practice drills & footwork exercises ; develop strategies tailored towards benefiting different sizes ; then lastly go out onto court apply everything learned & enjoy playing !