Is Bowling a Good Workout? The Surprising Benefits of Counting it as Exercise

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What Is Exercise?

Exercise is an activity that increases physical fitness and overall health. It can involve anything from running or swimming to strength training, stretching, and playing sports. Depending on the type of exercise, it can help improve cardiovascular health, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and balance. So when it comes to bowling—does it count as exercise?

Bowling: A Low-Impact Activity

Bowling is a low-impact sport that provides many mental and physical benefits. Unlike running or weight lifting which require intense exertion for extended periods of time; bowlers use short bursts of energy throughout their game. The repetitive nature of throwing a ball down the lane also helps build up muscles in the arms and shoulder area over time. Because bowling doesn’t cause much strain on your body compared to other activities like jogging or aerobics classes; it’s considered one of the safest forms of exercise for people with joint problems or arthritis who are looking for light activities with minimal impact on their bodies.

Burning Calories While Bowling

The amount of calories you burn while bowling depends on how hard you throw the ball down the lane—the harder you throw; the more calories you will burn off in each frame! According to Healthline; a 160-pound person burns approximately 140 calories per hour while casually bowled without any additional effort (such as jumping). If they were to increase their activity level by using extra force when throwing each ball then they would be able to double those numbers! Additionally; walking back and forth between frames during your game session helps add even more calorie burning potential into your routine so don’t forget about this important aspect either!


In conclusion; bowling can certainly be counted as an effective form of exercise if done properly with enough intensity behind each throw! Not only does this low-impact activity provide some great physical benefits such as improved coordination and muscle tone but it also brings along some mental benefits too like increased focus levels which help make every strike even sweeter than before! So next time someone asks if “bowling counts as exercise” feel free confidently answer yes – because when done correctly -it most definitely does!